This Woman’s Story Shows How Sharing Your Pics With Strangers Online Can Destroy Your Reputation


It’s no secret that you have to watch who you share your photos with online, but this woman’s experience is proof that you really can’t be too careful.

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On July 17th, a selfie of a woman purporting to be “one month clean” of alcohol and drugs went viral and reached the front page of Imgur. The woman in the picture, however, wasn’t the uploader, and she’s never touched a needle in her life. The fraudulent post was brought to her attention by her cousin, who took revenge by publicly exposing the author – a suspected Tinder match gone wrong.

“After a long, valient fight, the post and user have been deleted. I made a post calling them out and the Internet demanded justice,” he has since written on Facebook.

Read the entire skin-crawling story below, and remember to take action immediately if you realize one of your online photos has been stolen.

“So I woke up this morning to my cousin on the front page”

“As an alcoholic, and recovering drug addict I was surprised that I never knew she used these hard drugs as I had partied heavily with her throughout my drinking years.”

“I called her out on it and wouldn’t you know it…. someone has used her picture to win fake internet points!”

“I’ve talked to her on the phone and she is NOT happy about it..”


Remember to take action immediately if you realize your online photos has been stolen


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