Plus-Size Model Recreates Gigi Hadid’s Nude Photo Shoot, Absolutely Nails It


We first met Diana Sirokai a while back in a previous post of ours, when she had spent a little time recreating shots of Kim Kardashian in her own, plus-sized style. Now she has teamed up again with fashion photographer Karizza to recreate another iconic photoshoot, this time the nude shot of Gigi Hadid.

Uploaded on Instagram with the caption “I was just wondering how a model my Size would look on this” the photo shows Diana nude apart from a pair of boots, hand across chest while giving a sultry look to the camera.

While most commenters on her post were positive and supportive of Diana and her efforts to promote body diversity in the fashion industry, there were the inevitable disagreements between those who embrace a body-positive image like Diana promotes, and those who believe that normalising unhealthy weight gain should not be encouraged. “I wanna tell you that I admire your strength to show yourself to the world and love yourself the way you do. Both of you look beautiful in the pictures,” said one user, striking the right kind of positive vibe that we believe lies behind Diana’s original intention.

No matter what your position on the issue is, Diana is undeniably a beautiful woman. Scroll down below to check out her recreation photoshoot, as well as some of her previous photos. It’s not a competition to see which woman looks ‘better’ in the pictures, just a way of showing that women of all sizes are beautiful. Simple!

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This is Gigi Hadid’s iconic Stuart Weitzman campaign photo

Image credits: Stuart Weitzman / Mario Testino

Plus-size model Diana Sirokai came up with an idea to recreate that same photoshoot herself

Image credits: Karizza Photographer

She uploaded her photo on Instagram with the caption “I was just wondering how a model my Size would look on this”

Image credits: Karizza Photographer

Previously, Diana had asked a professional photographer to use Photoshop on her and her friend Callie’s bodies to show how much can be changed using computer software

Image credits: Karizza Photographer

In the same post, they showed the original image encouraging people to “Own who you are and slay”

Image credits: Karizza Photographer

Through her projects Diana spreads the body positivity message

Image credits: dianasirokai

She even shared an image of her body next to Kim Kardashian with an empowering note – “We are both women with different bodies”

Image credits: dianasirokai

The main message behind it is that everyone should love themselves, and that’s something that we can all get behind

Image credits: dianasirokai


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