Mom Desperately Asks Her Husband For Help On Facebook, And Everyone Should Read It


Celeste Erlach, 38, is a mother of two, with a 4-year-old boy and a baby to constantly keep her eyes on. And even though Celeste would probably like to stay in the kid-raising game without a substitution, naturally, sometimes it drains her energy so much, she needs help. Sometimes, however, the mom feels like her husband isn’t willing to step up. After nearly losing it the last time, Celeste has decided to write him an open letter. Moms all over the internet started relating to the emotional text, but we think every new dad has to read it as well.

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Celeste Erlach, a mom of two, has been struggling to keep up with her new baby

With two little devils, you can get your hands full pretty fast

And as she felt alone in the struggle, Celeste has decided to speak out on Facebook

Here’s the whole family together

“If we don’t talk about it openly, maybe [our partners] will never know”

“Talk to your Partner. Tell them you need more help. Chances are, they’re eager to up their game”

Instantly, mothers all over the internet started relating to Celeste

Some, however, tend to disagree


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