Guy Builds A Canoe In His Garage


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Oregon-based craftsman Adam Koekkoek, aka “A Guy Doing Stuff” has built a canoe in his own garage, and anyone would love to paddle in it. Its beautiful design makes you really appreciate the 800 hours that Adam has put into the project. “I’m not a professional boat builder,” he said. “I’m just a guy with basic woodworking knowledge who wanted to build a wooden boat.” Adam has used cedar, ash, and walnut wood to make the canoe. The total cost of materials was around $1,500, and the boat weighs around 60-70 lbs. The craftsman claims he would not have even started the project if it wasn’t for the book Canoecraft, and recommends both the read, and the cedar strip to anyone that wants to attempt building a canoe. “Cedar strip canoe is the best type of canoe available in every way <…>. It’s a super-fun long-term project, they’re by far the most beautiful type of canoe, they’re extremely lightweight, and they’re surprisingly very strong.”


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