20+ Funniest Reactions To The Winter Olympics


Why are those guys sitting on each other on that tiny sled? What the hell are they doing with those brooms? And why does that skier have an assault rifle?

All valid questions for Winter Olympics novices. Personally, I look forward to an event when, once every four years, I get tremendously excited about sports I normally wouldn’t think about. I find myself screaming at the TV while some Swiss dude, who I had never previously heard of, does incredible things on a snowboard. I agonize over a figure skater who does the perfect routine, but misses the landing on her last twist. And, of course, there’s the hockey.

With so much confusion, so much drama and so many great stories, the Winter Olympics is a goldmine for internet commenters. Scroll down below to see what people have been saying as they try to figure it all out, and add your own Winter Olympics observations in the comments below!

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